You have to keep your newborn baby in utmost safety. You cannot take risk with safety and hygiene of your new born. This article aims to discuss about different ways to keep your newborn safe and secured.

How to Keep Your Newborn Safe?

Before we start discussing in safety measures for newborn babies, let us give you some valuable information:

Things to remember – When you have a newborn in your home, you must lock up every medicines and dangerous products, keep the detergents in the containers and throw out the expired medicines. Also, make sure you buy several baby essentials including baby mattress protector.

A tip – While buying baby essentials make sure you are not compromising with their quality. Whether it is your baby mattress protector or your baby’s crib, you need to buy the best quality of materials. 

Ways to keep a newborn safe

Focus on the right sleeping posture of infants – A newborn babe must sleep in a right sleeping posture. As a parent, it is your duty to see how your infant is sleeping. It is recommended that infants must sleep on their backs only. It is not advisable by physicians to let your baby sleep on her or his stomach as this position can harm the new bundle of joy. Such sleeping positions must be checked by parents.

Sometimes, in the mid night, your baby can cry or change the sleeping way on its own. These small changes may not affect your newborn baby’s health in a day, but day by day it can cast a negative impact on the well-being of your child. Keep in mind that right sleeping ways can save your baby from SIDS that is sudden infant death syndrome. SIDS takes place especially in babies, who are less than six months old.

Do not keep any extra item in your baby’s crib – You may feel that it is okay to keep baby blankets, small toys, pillows, stuffed animals in the crib of your baby. But this is not a right view and these materials are really dangerous for a newborn baby especially when a baby is going to sleep in the crib. The quality, quantity and hardness and softness of the remaining product in the crib do not matter. However, there is a possibility that this kind of stuff can cover the little one’s head and in turn enhances the danger of suffocation. You may feel tense that your newborn babe might be feeling cold in the night time, so, you can use more onesie, a sleep sack and not a blanket.

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