You may find following etiquette to be a bit old fashioned and uncool. But honestly, observing good etiquette only shows how much you respect others and care for them. We are all living in a world where politeness is often mistaken for weakness and where nobody has time for another. We hardly have time to pay attention to somebody else and don’t really put ourselves on another person’s shoes. We are always ready to sympathize than to show empathy. So here are a few common etiquette that we often break and would definitely be nice to practice daily.

Thank you

This is something that is taught from the Burpengary kindergarten itself and still hard to be thoroughly inculcated in our lives. Saying a simple thank you is easy. I could say that 99 % of people do that. But it is considered good etiquette to send a thank you note both in personal and business lives. This is something that is hardly practiced. Even after a wedding or a special party it is nice to present a small note of thank you to show that their presence is appreciated.


This is also another point where most people break etiquette. Knowing when to and how to hand shake is very important especially when it comes to work life. Gripping too hard would be impolite while a flimsy grip would show lack of confidence. The ideal handshake should be firm yet gentle. Knowing how to do a good handshake is extremely important when facing an interview as a handshake could reflect your personality.


Being punctual is definitely a very important etiquette. Even kindergarten has a time to start and to end to train kids from small days to learn to work on time. No matter how important or good you are at anything, if you don’t know to be there on time there is no use of it. Why most people are late for many things is mainly because they do not have the sensitivity to think that their delay could put someone else in a difficult situation.


This is a French term which derives the English meaning of “respond if you please”. This too is a common etiquette that most people fail to keep up. If you have taken the trouble to organize a large party or a wedding you would know how important it is to know the exact number that will be attending. Your response will help your friend to finalize the guest list and make the reservations accordingly. It doesn’t really cost much to ring up and inform about your absence. Next time you receive an invitation with an RSVP note make sure you follow the etiquette.