You need to help your children be emotionally stable intelligent. Talk to your child and get to know them more, understanding your child’s disturbing emotions. Use kind words to talk your child and show yourself that you got his / her back builds your child’s emotional intelligence. Whatever emotions are going on in your child, accept them and get to know their emotions, rather than ignoring them. Make your child believe, that you are always ready to accept whatever he’s going through and teaches your child not to be shameful about himself / herself. Your child needs know that he / she is not alone. Be with your children while they express their feelings and teach them to manage their feelings. If you feel that your child is having negative emotions, handle your child with care. Always make your kids laugh more because it releases stress and your child is unable to deal with a lot of stress at a younger age.

Ways to improve your child’s skills

If your child has not developed his / her fine motor skills properly. There are ways in which you can improve your child’s fine motor skills. Toys will help develop fine motor skills and will also help to develop their imagination, making your child more creative. Toys which have letters and numbers will help improve your child’s reading, writing and math knowledge. You have to make sure that your toys will not cause any harm to your child, so be careful when choosing; haba toys are well recommend to provide the required safety for your children. When your child engages in finger painting, it helps improve your child’s hand and eye coordination. Train your child to safely cut piece of paper and cardboard. If your child is lacking in fine motor skills, he / she will have difficulties n holding a pencil or a crayon; train your child to hold crayons and pencils between his / her thumb and forefinger, so that your child will learn to hold pencils right, improving motor skills. Visit this link for more details on Haba Toys in Australia.

Ways to motivate your children

Your child needs motivation from his / her parents to strive forward in life. Have a heart to heart conversation with your children. Always ask your children how they feel and always help them to be happy. No one’s perfect, not you nor your children; you have to make your child accept their imperfections. Don’t forget to appreciate your child even for the smallest achievement. A kind word, a warm hug and a kiss from a parent can mean alot to a little child, they crave for their parent’s love and care. It’s up to you to understand your child and to give them what they are in need of.

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