Events, like birthday parties, corporate lunch or reunion of family members, are a great time to share special moments and recollect the past memories. These are the moment when you can inspire each other for future endeavors and challenges.

Yet at these parties and meets, there is one problem that elder have to go through and that is keeping nagging kids occupied. What is it that would keep children engaged and thrilled? You need no more worry at all because you have jumping castle hire for your rescue.

When as parents if you have to opt for party hire services, you must ensure that you should have bouncing castles installed. Children love playing in these castles and time would pass without children getting bored. For more info on party hire Melbourne, check this out!

There are so many companies that are providing such services. But you need to stay careful about a few vital points before you get bouncing castles installed at your event. We are presenting a few of them below:

Child’s Age

What is the age group of children for whom you are getting these bouncy castles installed? Are they young children or toddlers or would you also have teenagers attending the party? If you are hiring it for toddlers make sure that there are surrounding walls and it should neither be very small or low. This would make children quite suffocated. The castle should have ample amount of space so that children do not collide into each other or collide with one another. Children should enjoy their time inside the castle without anyone getting hurt.

These castles are even available for elders and you can customize it as per your age group and needs.


Once the age group has been sorted out, you need to select a theme that would be apt as per their age. There are tons of themes based on cartoon characters available or you could simply opt for a castle which is vibrant and bright in color. If you are selecting any cartoon character, do ensure that it’s not too scary; else children may not want to go inside the castle. A smiling or docile character should be good.

When it comes to girls they would be happier and attracted to Snow White’s castle while boys would enjoy so far as they get lots of space to jump and slide. If it is your child’s birthday, you could ask him to decide on the theme or cartoon character.


The safety of children should be the primary concern as parents. This is why the bouncing castle which you would be hiring should stay safe from electrical equipment of all kinds. Ensure that the material is durable and of good quality so that it can bear weight of many children. In case it suddenly deflates, it could turnout being quite an unlikable scene.

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