It’s always nice to be surprised, in a good way. It will make your loved ones happy and contended, it will make you and your loved ones feel connected and that everything happens for a reason. There are several ways to surprise your best friend. A few of them are as follows:

Present something that match his hobby
If you have a guy friend, you should keep one thing in mind. They never grow up. Therefore, see what his childhood fantasies and hobbies are. Then surprise him accordingly. If he is a star wars fan, find star wars gifts and get him one. This will make his day. If he loves lego, buy him a lego set. If he loves cars, buy him a car. Whatever that he loves, buy him. Most boys are collectors. These maybe comic books, stickers, etc. Properly identify what they want and get them exactly that.

Post his present
We don’t use snail mail anymore. Try using one for a difference. Buy a gift for your friend and send it via snail mail. This way, he’d get it on his doorstep and he’d be surprised and happy and you’d be happy too. At the end of the day, what makes us happy is making other people happy.

Develop a video and post in social media
Nowadays, most people post most of the things in social media. Therefore, if you really want to show the world how much you love and appreciate your friend, post about him on social media. Develop a video of the happy times you spent together and how much you enjoyed it. Then, share it with your facebook or twitter friends so that everyone can see. If its his birthday, do personalized birthday invitations and throw a party for him.

Take him on a date
Take you friend out for lunch, dinner or a movie. Make him feel special. Take his somewhere that he really likes to go. If he is a person who works, try the lunch hour. Take him out somewhere close to his office some special place that he likes to go and they treat him with his favorite food. This will make him feel special and happy.

Go on a road trip
Road trips are always fun. Go on an unplanned road trip with your friend. Take him to a destination that he had never been to, or to a destination that he always wanted to go back to. This will make him get away from his busy life and he will really appreciate it and will be really grateful.