One of the biggest roles of parents is preparing their children and getting them ready back to school or school starters. It’s an important phase in every child’s and parents lives. Therefore, parents should be ready and prepared in welcoming the New Year. After vacation, festive seasons and others, children are geared up to commence a new term. While this is a challenge for some, it’s something that majorities look forward to. Therefore, to make life easier and not hustle everything at the last moment, it’s good to sort things before. For that matter it’s best to note down a back to school list. You could organize and plan out everything for the entire year or for different terms.

Moreover, depending on the age and grade of your son or daughter, these supplies would differ in the sense there would be more or so. There are many things that you should think about when your child is about to enter a new grade this New Year. As a fact, to make life easier, you could separate the essentials into categories. It will be helpful to shop for the items without missing any. Here’s a checklist of  that should be included in the checklist:

    Clothing

Your child would be needing new clothing or accessories to wear to school and therefore, don’t wait until the last moment to shop for the following;
    New uniform (e.g. shorts, trousers, skirt, etc.)
    Shoes and socks
    Undergarments
    Sweater or cardigan
    Art smock
    Gloves
    Rain coat
    New pair of spectacles if needed

    School supplies

Depending on the grade that your child would be entering, the school supplies you should purchase would differ. Here are the most essential items that you should buy;
    School bags
    Books
    Stationery items (e.g. pencils, pens, sharpeners, etc.)
    Files, binders, etc.
    Mathematical instrument box
    Artwork supplies (E.g. paint, brushes, apron to be used with the art smock, etc.). Know more at
    Craft supplies

    Sports accessories and extra-curricular activities

Some of your children might be involved in sports or planning to enroll with a sports team. Therefore, contact the school in advance and buy sports supplies or backpacks for kids at affrodable prices;
    Specific gear for a sport such as swimming, tennis, cricket, etc.
    Sports shoes

On the other hand, your children might be involved in certain extra-curricular activities in school. Hence, you might have to purchase these items such as;
    Music
    Dancing
    Singing or band and so on.

Some of you might even wonder if this is really important. As a matter of fact, being organized and scheduling such events, could make your life much easier. Moreover, this is just one aspect of essentials, as you would have to plan your work and family schedules as well. Hence, this checklist would be helpful for parents and caregivers to plan well ahead.